Independent Community Care Management Ltd

Our clients tell us that the services we provide are different –differentiated by the uniqueness of the care packages ICCM can create; allowing many to whom ‘the worst has already happened’ achieve more. ICCM provides specialist person-centred care in the home of clients who may have a severe brain injury, spinal cord injury or suffered a catastrophic neurological episode.
Our care and support is determined by individual need and outcomes are based on person-centred care; revolving around client lifestyle, choice and aspirations. Each pathway reflects the extensive work that is undertaken with the client and their families who are an integral part of the process. The outcomes that we achieve enable individuals, their families, referrers, commissioners and the NHS in general to optimise resources in the best possible way and minimise potential cost. The care that is provided by ICCM is nurse led and provided on a day to day basis by a dedicated team of highly trained healthcare support workers, team leaders and care managers. ICCM operates with a multi- disciplinary team to provide input as and when required.
We believe that each client travels on a journey, and it is our privilege to travel on that journey with them. Right from the start, our philosophy is to build a strong partnership between ICCM, our clients and their families. We know that our clients can achieve more when we work together. We take time to find out about them, who they are and what they like doing. Together we work out what they need, and we take into account both their medical and social requirements. Our clients help us shape their care plan – which will be unique to them – and together we will regularly review them, to make sure the plan is still right for them.
Our clients become involved in helping choose the team of people who will support them, people who they think they will be able to work with. For live-in carers we like to match clients with carers who share similar interests. Just like everybody else, our clients have aspirations and plans – and we try our hardest to help them achieve them.