SCP Recruitment

SCP Recruitment started in 2006 with an ethos of providing high-quality recruitment and care solutions. Starting in Maidstone, our good reputation quickly enabled us to open offices in Bexley, Surrey and Aberdeen, providing high quality temporary and permanent staff to the NHS, Local Authorities and the charity sector.

In 2015, SCP Recruitment was purchased by the City and County Healthcare Group, one of the country’s largest providers of Domiciliary and Complex Care Services, with over 70 branches. With the benefit of group resources and locations, SCP Recruitment is set for rapid expansion, with 2 new offices opening by the end of 2016 and further plans for 2017.

Our Values
While we have a national reach, we still retain a local focus with our branches delivering recruitment solutions to organisations within their community. Quality is at the heart of everything we do at SCP Recruitment and quality is the foundation on which our business is built.
Delivery – we work honestly, deliver what we promise and ensure that queries are attended to promptly.
Transparency – we work openly and promote loyalty and trust in ourselves and contracting partners, we will make it possible to confront problems professionally.
Accountability – we ensure that Managers and employees are made accountable for their actions.
Ownership – we take personal responsibility for all our actions. We encourage feedback.
Professionalism – we take pride in our conduct, protect confidentiality and present a positive impression of ourselves and our organisation.
Social Responsibility – we are part of a vibrant local community and encourage behaviour that gives back to the communities we support.
Excellence - we commit to be the best we can be in all that we do.
Teamwork – we ensure that Directors, Managers and care staff are all part of a team whose objective is to achieve the goals of the organisation. Valuing People – we show respect to others, we promote inclusiveness, tolerance, diversity and we encourage learning and development in ourselves and others.
Innovation – we encourage our staff to share ideas for continuous improvement in everything we do.
Equal employment opportunity – we ensure all positions are awarded on merit. About us Vision and values Our people Find your local branch